Sunday, 11 October 2015

One day with mothers

A parent-teacher conference is a short meeting or conference between the parents and teachers of students to discuss children's progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioural problems.But here a teacher conducted a entirely different parents meeting  to make I std at first Smt Prameela teacher conducted a workshop for mothers of I std to recondition the books and worksheet of students studing in I std.

Aim of the work shop
to let parents know how the classrom process going on  in school
to inform teachers on how children are coping outside school
to establish an ongoing relationship and communication with parents
to help teachers/parents get to know the children better as individuals
to help children realise that home and school are working together.
The workshop begun at 10:00am.The Headmaster inaugurated the function.Mr: Abdul Hameed senior assistant, Mr: Gireesh Babu staff secretary participated in the program.30 parents out of 52 had participated in the workshop.binding of text and note books.Parents prepared reading materials for their children according to their interest.


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