Thursday, 10 March 2016

Our attempt to reach the people

What should schools teach, and how? And how do we know if we’re doing it well? These are impressive and  important questions–ones that must be answered with social needs, teacher gifts, and technology access in mind. Now, we take the opposite approach. Here’s what all students should know, now let’s figure out how we can use what we have to teach it. If we don’t see the issue in its full context, we’re settling for glimpses.That is only through the participation of society by changing their attitude.

How schools are designed and what students learn–and why–must be reviewed, scrutinized, and refined as closely This, to me, seems to be a dated approach to learning that continues to hamper our attempts to innovate.Why can’t education, as a system, refashion itself as aggressively as the digital technology. Maybe a first step in pursuit of an innovative and modern approach to teaching and learning might be to rethink the idea of concentrating in classroom itself.That we the teachers and parents doing for the development of the society


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